72 Homes For Sale in Kent, WA

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19 miles south of Seattle and 19 miles northeast of Tacoma lies the bedroom community of Kent, Washington. Many people are drawn to living in Kent because it is one of the most affordable areas of King County. You can get much more house for your money in Kent than in Seattle or its pricey northern suburbs. Whether it’s an apartment or condo, a single family home or a farm with lots of acreage that you want, Kent has something for everyone.

Kent’s population of 125,000 is extremely diverse. Once an agricultural area, Kent is now home to well-established neighborhoods and is a large commercial center. Jobs are plentiful in Kent, as it is the fourth largest manufacturing and distribution area in the United States. Because of its thriving economy, many corporations and companies call Kent home, including REI, Boeing and Oberto Sausage Company. The steel industry also employs many residents in Kent, as do numerous retail and service companies. Several major highways and freeways are accessible from Kent, including Interstate 5 and Route 167. Commuters also have public transit options including buses and commuter rail.

Its proximity to Seattle, the largest city in the northwest, makes Kent a popular place to live and do business. Residents of Kent get to enjoy the best of both worlds – big city things in a small city setting. Kent is nestled in a valley, and is split into three distinct regions: East Hill, the Valley, and West Hill. The city has stunning views of Mount Rainier and provides easy access to both the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. It has mild temperatures year round, so its residents can take advantage of Kent’s extensive and award-winning park system and other outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. Water sports like kayaking and sailing are also popular due to Kent’s location near the Green River and the Puget Sound. Kent has a quaint downtown area and Kent Station is a popular destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. Indeed, there is no shortage of restaurants in Kent as over 4,000 different eateries are located within 15 minutes of town. Its proximity to Seattle, its affordable housing and its status as an economic powerhouse make Kent one of the best places to live in Washington.