5 Condos For Sale in Johnson City, TN

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Spanning three counties within the northeast corner of the state of Tennessee, Johnson City is the ninth-largest city in the state and is known for its low cost of living and high quality of life. Condos, apartments, and shared housing units are a very popular and affordable form of residence in Johnson City, and condos in one, two, or three bedroom sizes are widely available in many different urban and suburban districts of the city.

There are more than one dozen individual neighborhoods and residential communities in Johnson City, many of which are primarily housing but interspersed with newly developed retail areas. Austin Springs, Boone’s Creek, Gray, Midway, and Mountain Home are some of the best known of these enclaves. Boone’s Creek has its own school system and is an urban area, while Gray is predominantly suburban. The south side of Johnson City is marked by Buffalo Mountain and one of the city’s major parks and recreation areas. North Johnson City, located along State of Franklin Road, is a landmark for much of the town’s new development and retail and shopping areas, including the large and expanding Johnson City Crossroads. Downtown Johnson City is burgeoning as a retail epicenter, containing many fine dining opportunities, unique retail spaces, and arts and culture galleries.

Johnson City serves the region as an epicenter for business and industry. The main staples of its economy and employment industries are healthcare and medical sciences, education, government, retail and commerce, hospitality, research, manufacturing, and production. Several major companies are headquartered in Johnson City, including the American Water Heater Company, Advanced Call Center Technologies, Cantech Industries, General Shale Brick, Mullican Flooring, and Moody Dunbar. The top employers in Johnson City are the Mountain States Health Alliance, East Tennessee State University, Citi Commerce Solutions, the Washington County School Systems, the James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, and AT&T Mobility.