69 Homes For Sale in Jacksonville Beach, FL

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Jacksonville Beach, Florida is a coastal town alongside the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of homes in the area are single-family detached homes, and offer a generous amount of space for any potential homebuyers wishing to move a family into the area, or perhaps are looking for a place in which to create one in the future. Though the homes here may appear a bit pricey to browsers, the area is well worth the money paid, and there are a few cheaper options for the buyer on a budget.

Jacksonville Beach’s most endearing feature is, of course, its proximity to the ocean. This alone provides nearly endless opportunities for entertainment to both residents and guests alike, and creates a fun and free-spirited atmosphere in which to let loose. Jacksonville Beach, Florida presents a grand total of 22 miles of sandy coastline for the enjoyment of those who call it home, and this beach itself is home to several charming attractions. Fishing, swimming, paddleboarding and sunbathing are just a few of the opportunities residents are offered upon their move to this sandy city. There are also kayaking classes, surfing instructors, and even synchronized swimming lessons for those who are interested in taking up a new hobby.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida also does not fail to provide amusement opportunities for those who prefer to find their enjoyment on dry land. One of the most popular non-beach-related activities in this area is golf. In fact, this city hosts the PGA PLAYERS Championship every May at one if its many well-manicured courses. Jacksonville Beach is also home to the World Golf Hall of Fame, which features over 35,000 square feet of simulations, awards, and information on the best golfers of all time. The area also hosts several other museums, the most popular of which are the Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center, the Ritz Theater and Hotel, and the Jacksonville Fire Museum, each relating a vital facet of the city’s past, and indicating where it might go in the future. This, accompanied by the many cultural and artistic exhibits and events that the city has to offer (such as the Downtown’s Art Walk) make this city not only a fun place to live, but an educated and cultured one as well. With such a wide variety of amazing opportunities, anyone can find their place here in Jacksonville Beach, and build a home that they will love for life.