114 Homes For Sale in Inglewood, CA

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Located in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles Area, Inglewood, in southwestern Los Angeles County, is perfectly situated to the side of the metropolitan bustle of Los Angeles while retaining southern California's vibrant cultural and entertainment aspects. The town's origins can be traced back to settlers in 1781, and today Inglewood is a flourishing community with opulent paradisiacal homes running for high prices due to their coveted locations and clean constructions.

The Mediterranean climate of Inglewood alone is enough to draw tourists and residents alike to the warm and sunshine-drenched Californian destination. Important points of interest further draw the intrigue of newcomers and locals, such as The Forum, which was built in 1968 by the architect Charles Luckman. The Forum has been reinvented multiple times over the years with purposes ranging from being a concert venue to a center of religious worship. The Chase company re-opened The Forum in 2014 with a historic performance by the Eagles, re-engaging popular attention as being the largest indoor performance venue in the country for music and entertainment. The city also has a number of neighborhoods and districts in its 9-mile radius, including Morningside Park, Fairview Heights, Arbor Village, Inglewood Knolls, and Lockhaven.

Three particular districts in Inglewood deserve mention as having points of interest of their own. The Crenshaw-Imperial district has its own public library as well as an important shopping center for the Inglewood area. Morningside Park, a district in the eastern portion of Inglewood, is roughly two miles from the former Hollywood Park Racetrack. North Inglewood was reported in 2009 to be the epicenter of a burgeoning arts scene. The Inglewood Unified School District provides education for younger children, and several public charter schools provide an alternative form of education for ambitious students. There are also several private schools offering religious-based education. Inglewood is home to the annual Open Studios event which features artistic activities such as drawing, painting, and photography. The volunteer artists who organize the show are backed by the Inglewood Cultural Arts, Inc. organization, which provides art and culture programs. Locals in the city are kept in the know about the town they call home through three primary newspapers, which are The Morningside Park Chronicle, the Inglewood News, and Inglewood Today. Individuals and families entranced by the hustle of Los Angeles but leery of being caught up in it would find a happy medium in the neighborhoods and streets of sunny Inglewood, a town near, but not in, Los Angeles.