Homeowners go through a lot during the sale of their home. After showing the home, finding a buyer, working out an offer, and then going back and fixing up the home one more time, what else is there left to do? Well, a lot. A successful close requires a thorough accounting of the home selling process thus far, making sure every part was attended to, and then a thoughtful review of the paperwork involved in the sale. Here, we have a checklist of things to remember in order to create a successful close.

Get Ready for the Move

  • Call three movers and get estimates. It can seem like a good idea to go with the lowest offer, but with movers, you tend to get with you pay for.
  • Ask the moving company if you can get a fixed price rather than an estimate.
  • Ask the moving company if they charge more for things like stairs.
  • Many moving companies work by weight, so there are a few things you might save money by selling (like exercise equipment), and buying again new after the move.
  • Make sure friends, family, doctors, and schools are aware of the move.

Clean the Home One-More-Time!

  • Give your home a final cleaning; check all storage spaces, basement, closets, for anything left behind.
  • Leave a spare set of keys for the new owner on a counter or someplace else where they can easily find them.
  • Make sure your change of address paperwork has been filled out with the post office and creditors.
  • Make sure everything in the home is shut off. If the house is going to be vacant for some time, it can be a good idea to shut off the water, in case of burst pipes.
  • Lock things up.

What You Bring to Closing

  • Photo ID
  • The Deed to the home
  • Documentation of repairs
  • Main set of keys, and if applicable, security codes

Seller Costs at Closing

  • Agent Commissions (6% of the sale)
  • Property Taxes, Utility bills, Homeowner’s insurance, and if applicable, Homeowner’s Association Fees
  • Title Fees
  • Attorney/Escrow Fees
  • If applicable, remaining mortgage balance

Tasks After Closing

  • Make sure the utilities have been transferred to the new owners.
  • Cancel homeowner’s insurance policy after the title change has been recorded by the county.
  • Keep all closing paperwork in a safe and easy-to-access place.

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