101 Homes For Sale in Greensburg, PA

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Two of the most popular neighborhoods in Greensburg, Pennsylvania are Lincoln Heights and Slickville. A rather small percentage of the homes in Greensburg are vacant. Of the occupied homes, many of them continue to be used as primary residences for their owners. The home you buy in Greensburg is likely to be a single-family, detached home. Many of the homes that are already constructed fit into that character. High-rise units are a close second and a large percentage of all of the dwellings in Greensburg are full of vintage charm.

Greensburg is located in Westmoreland County, near Pittsburgh. Nearly 15,000 people call this town home. The vintage charm of the neighborhood homes extends to the rest of the city into the Academy Hill Historic District and the Greensburg Downtown Historic District. Additionally, this town is home to two structures that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Both the county courthouse and the Greensburg Railroad Station made that premium list. Education, healthcare, and sales are some of the primary segments that support the local economy. Many residents of neighboring communities commute to Greensburg for work.

Those looking to enhance their skill sets can enroll at the Greensburg campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Seton Hill is a well-established university that is another premium option for prospective students. While you’re at Seton Hill University, you can visit the Performing Arts Center there. Located in the cultural arts district, this center is a premier location for musical and theatrical presentation. This site has state of the art equipment and has been the venue for many artists to promote their talents. If you don’t get your fill of artistic expression at the Performing Arts Center, you can always visit the renowned Westmoreland Museum of American Art. This museum showcases American history through art and is appropriately representative of the venerable beauty of the city. If classic architecture and culture appeal to you, browse listings for Greenburg today.