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Green Bay is a one-of-a-kind Midwestern city situated at the southern end of a Lake Michigan bay with which it shares a name. The city may be best known for its hometown NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, but it packs an incredible amount of entertainment, diverse dining options, lush parks, and Midwest culture into its bayfront location. Home to nearly 110,000 residents within the immediate city borders and over 300,000 if you include the entire Green Bay metro area, the city combines both intimate, small-town charm with engaging, big-city amenities. Whether you’re looking for a welcoming ranch-style home in the Preble neighborhood or a Craftsman with character around Joannes Park, Green Bay has something for everyone situated among its tree-lined streets. The median home sale price in Green Bay is just around $220,000, but the rental market isn’t as competitive as other major Midwestern cities. The city has seen continuous growth recently, especially on the east side where there are plenty of areas for expansion.

Green Bay Attractions

Downtown Green Bay is split by the Fox River, but there’s an alluring selection of attractions on either side of the water. Head to Captain’s Walk Winery or Titletown Brewing Company for a local pour or an ice-cold beer. There’s an incredible array of restaurants to explore as well, including affordable taquerias to more upscale farm-to-table fare. South Washington Street houses the Meyer Theatre, a venue built in the 1930s, which puts on concerts, plays, and more. There’s a museum showcasing almost anything you could imagine in Green Bay. The National Railroad Museum showcases the history and importance of the railroad industry and its role in growing Green Bay. The Neville Public Museum features exhibits about current and past Northeast Wisconsin, including prehistoric animals that once roamed the area. And of course, there’s the Packers Hall of Fame & Museum, which shows off the most important moments in the team’s history. Green Bay is also known for its incredible natural surroundings. Soak up the atmosphere at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary on the lake, which offers hiking trails and sandy shores to relax on. The Green Bay Botanical Garden is popular with locals and visitors alike for its collection of native and exotic plant species.

Green Bay Schools

Along with its engaging attractions, Green Bay is home to great schools. Schooling in the area is handled by the Green Bay Area Public School District, which oversees more than 21,000 students on 42 campuses, making it the fourth largest public school district in the state. The district encompasses one virtual school, three early childhood schools, one alternative school, 24 elementary schools, three K-8 schools, four middle schools, four high schools, and two charter schools. There are also 16 private schools available to residents of Green Bay. Standouts among the public school offerings include Green Bay East High School and Fort Howard Elementary.

Commuting in Green Bay

Those who travel around Green Bay by car enjoy a commute well below the national average at about 18 minutes. The city is predominately car-dependent, but within the downtown area residents enjoy relative walkability to major entertainment centers and surrounding neighborhoods. The city is also expanding bike lanes and cycling infrastructure to promote two-wheeled commuting. The Green Bay Metro is the city’s public transportation agency, operating 11 routes in and around the city. There is also an on-demand shuttle service for those who can’t access a public bus stop.