641 Homes For Sale in Glendale, AZ

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Families and single adults seeking a great city to call home often consider Glendale, AZ. This thriving town is centrally located in Arizona, and it is particularly close to the state’s capital of Phoenix. More than 200,000 people reside in Glendale, with over 50,000 families. This desert city is a great place for affordable homes and a relaxing lifestyle. Several homes for sale are budget friendly and offer a lot of space for today’s homeowners. Many also include beautiful backyards and pools.

Glendale is one of the larger Arizona towns, and the majority of residents are younger families and young adults. The area is also home to older men and women who have retired. In the late 1800s, Glendale was a large desert that was uninhabited. It soon began as an alternative location for people who needed access to the neighboring towns of Peoria and Phoenix. Today, the city is filled with beautiful homes, recreational activities, and a town mall. It is also home to several schools, including the Thunderbird School of Global Management. The residents of Glendale enjoy mild Temperatures during most months of the year. During the summer time, the temperatures reach highs in the hot desert. Sometimes, monsoons come through the area during these months. However, most of the time, the city has a dry, pleasing climate. Many of the neighboring buildings in the area have historical meaning, and they enhance the culture of the city.

The city is well known for its professional sports teams. The University of Phoenix Stadium is located in Glendale, and it is the home of the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League. When the Cardinals are not playing at the stadium, the venue is used for other events. In particular, it is a popular location for the Super Bowl. Since the area is home to favorable temperatures, multiple Super Bowls have been scheduled at the venue. The stadium has also been used for college football games, including the BCS Championship. The Gila River Area is located next to the University of Phoenix Stadium. The Arizona Coyotes play in this venue. In addition, the National Lacrosse League also has games here. Along with these popular sporting events, baseball spring training has locations in Glendale. These sporting evens are great revenue builders for the town, and they are one of the reasons Glendale has become a popular tourist destination. The love of sports and recreation has become synonymous with the homeowners in the area.