80 Homes For Sale in Gettysburg, PA

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania features several types of housing for sale, including single family detached homes, town houses, apartments and even condos. The price of these homes are rather shockingly affordable considering the lush, desirable setting, oftentimes ranging from $100,000-$200,000 for even some of the larger historical homes that are so prominent throughout the area. Thanks to the wide assortment of styles and sizes of housing opportunities, the city has something offer all potential residents seeking to settle down in this corner of the world.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is perhaps most well-known for its involvement in the U.S. Civil War as well as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address which took place within its limits. Indeed, there are almost innumerable sites, shops and attractions geared toward those who seek to learn more about the rich history of the United States Civil War. The Gettysburg National Battlefield offers history buffs the opportunity to visit the very site of the historic event, while the Gettysburg National Military Park seeks to preserve the hospitals, barracks, reserves and other locations which served the soldiers who took part in the war 150 years ago. There are also several guided tours as well as annual reenactments in order to educate residents and guests alike, and preserve the memory of the famous Battle of Gettysburg.

Though the space which the city itself covers is small (a mere 1.7 square miles), it has much to offer those who choose to call the area home. Aside from the brilliant military history available for the perusal of guests and tourists alike, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is also home to several golf courses for those who wish to relax on the green, such as the Carroll Valley Golf Course at Liberty Mountain. There are also ghost tours which offer a different take on the activities which occurred in the past centuries in the area. Another popular activity available is horseback riding and mounted tours via the Confederate Trails Horseback Tours or Hickory Hollow Horse Tours. For such an active tourist area, Gettysburg has managed to maintain much of its small town charm, and offers this to everyone looking for a peaceful place in which to plant their roots the chance to do so amidst its beautiful green fields and historic backdrop.