708 Homes For Sale in Georgetown, TX

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Known for its beautiful town square and proximity to Austin, Georgetown Texas offers its modern living in a historic setting. The city center is known for its elegant, Victorian homes in wooded, scenic neighborhoods. Some of these homes bear southwest flavor that accents the local geographic area. The rapidly expanding southern portion of Georgetown showcases a wide array of newly constructed homes that offer quiet suburban neighborhoods perfect for small families wanting the latest architectural developments.

The city shows diverse geographic features including the North and Middle Forks of the San Gabriel River. The 24.9 square mile city is composed of 2.1 square miles of water, which make it the perfect place for those who love the outdoors. This river provides a striking 30 miles of available hiking and biking trails, a dream for any outdoors enthusiast. In addition to the natural wonders, the city of Georgetown has also dedicated significant resources to providing multiple amenities to benefit the population like Georgetown Recreation Center, the Georgetown Tennis Center, and through its support of Urban Forestry. Its Urban Forestry program helps to preserve and plant new trees throughout the city to maintain the lush, green environment.

Georgetown hosts multiple, eye catching, singular communities. One of these communities houses one of Georgetown’s most unique assets, a city center full of pristine Victorian architecture. The downtown area is one of the best locations to enjoy Pre-World War I historic Victorian storefronts. These storefronts were resurrected and restored after they were plastered with stucco and paint during the 50s and 60s. This reinvigoration of the downtown was due to concerted local efforts to beautify the city. In 1997, Georgetown was named a national Main Street City in honor of its historic appeal. The city also houses, Sun City, which is an age-restricted retirement community. This ever expanding, 5300 acre development is mostly composed of single-family dwellings and some duplexes. Because of its uniformly elderly residents, it is legal to drive golf carts through many of the main streets in the area. As Sun City expands, more residences are being built and neighborhood amenity centers with pools and recreation areas are located close to allow the population easy access. Sun City houses almost 11,000 residents! Many of Texas’s retired community throughout the state and many from outside Texas retire at Sun City to enjoy the warm weather and the sun. Georgetown is more than meets the eye and offers much to the young, middle aged, and old.