138 New Homes For Sale in Garner, NC

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Garner, North Carolina, is a suburb of Raleigh located in the middle of the state. In addition to its motto boasting that it’s ‘A Great Place to Be’, the attractions, commerce, events, and vibrant cultural life of Garner serve to reinforce this sentiment. Characteristically southern in style while charmingly modern at the same time, the homes of Garner range from simple bungalow residences to complexly designed four and five-story structures.

Garner has experienced steady growth in both its residential and commercial areas over the past few years, leading to the development of numerous neighborhoods, districts, and residential areas that are both within the city limits and in the outskirts of the town. Many segments of the city are home to historically significant architecture and structures, and there are several that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Downtown Garner Historic District, Edenwood, and the Meadowbrook Country Club. Outside of the Main Street section of the town, which encompasses much of the retail and shopping districts of Garner, lie quiet subdivisions and suburban residential streets, some of which have their own recreational areas or community centers. Some of the most affluent and desirable neighborhoods in the city include Willow Springs, Juniper, Town Center, Williams Crossroads, Echo Heights, and Forest Hills.

The economy and workforce of Garner depend on the area’s bustling retail and commerce, professional and business services, education and health, government, and technology industries. The Butterball production headquarters, a major food processing company, is located just outside of the Garner downtown and employs a large portion of residents. The Wake County Public School System is the largest employer in Garner with a workforce of 1,040 individuals. Still other major employers of Garner are Pergo, the Hamlin Companies, Walmart, LL Vann Electric, Lowe’s, the Laurels of Forest Glenn, the Town of Garner, the Home Depot, Ultratech Industries, and Target.