40 Homes For Sale in Fleming Island, FL

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Fleming Island, Florida is home to a huge variety of housing opportunities. The area along the coast features homes which are oftentimes large and luxurious, but also sometimes very pricey, ranging upwards of $400,000. However, there are also houses which consist of more simple designs that are located a bit more inland which lie in a more affordable range of $100,000 - $200,000, and still offer a fantastic view and a fairly close proximity to the beautiful shoreline.

This community is rather unique geographically. Perhaps one of its most notable geographic traits is that it is surrounded on all sides by water or wetlands. Black Creek, Swimming Pen Creek, St. John’s River, Doctors Lake and Mill Cove all serve to make up the town’s boundaries. Furthermore, Fleming Island, Florida contains 23.1 square miles of land. Of this large area, as much as 32% is made up of solely water from boundaries lying within the sea itself as well as the many rivers, creeks and marshlands to be found away from the sandy shore. This great amount of water present creates a sometimes humid tropical sort of atmosphere perfect for the growth of plants and wildlife that many residents grow to love and appreciate as the years go by.

While Fleming Island, Florida has managed to maintain several small-town charms, it is the perfect place for those looking for an area with easy access to amenities and business opportunities. The area has a booming commercial center complete with nearly any supermarket chain or specialty store that a resident might need or desire. In fact, this town is considered the second wealthiest zip code in its area, thanks to its beautiful scenery and constant growth. For nightlife or other opportunities, the state capitol, Jacksonville, is only a twenty-one mile drive northeast of the town. Fleming Island provides several opportunities for enjoyment as well, such as fun in the sun at the various coves and shorelines, all easily accessible thanks to the extensive sidewalk system which makes nearly the entire town easily accessible to residents who prefer to travel on foot. Due to this mix of luxury and convenience, this town offers an ideal space for practically anyone looking to settle in the area, regardless of their budget or walk of life.