95 Homes For Sale in Fall River, MA

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If you’re a stickler for symmetry, a Georgian colonial home in Fall River, Massachusetts will definitely peak your interest. These homes are often uniformly enhanced with a proportional arrangement of panel-framed windows. Homes with larger plots of land are styled in a modern fashion in a peaceful and exclusive country setting.

In a town where the percentage of single households is only slightly less than the amount of homes with families, fun is plentiful for all. Local lore may lead you to the Lizzie Borden House where a tour will lead you through a grim, but fascinating tale. If you find a tour like this to be more grim than fascinating, substitute the Borden House for learning history at the city’s historical society. Fall River also has a marine museum and multiple battleships that are available to enhance one’s exposure to the town’s past. Individuals of all ages can enjoy the educational and entertaining perks of this city.

Fall River, Massachusetts is thirty-one square miles of suburban comfort. Situated 43 miles outside of Boston, Fall River is a town that serves as a conduit for many different industries. Construction and sales are popular industries for employees in this town. Education and manufacturing companies also offer additional opportunities for employment. If you don’t feel qualified for any of the positions available in the city, you can get trained for marketable skills at any one of several educational institutions that are located within 20 miles of the town. With some of these colleges and universities in neighboring states, their accessibility is a testament to the suitability of Fall River’s location. If you are willing to take a short drive, the state of Rhode Island can provide a welcome getaway, should you need one. Even if you choose a short getaway, coming home to Fall River, Massachusetts may still be the highlight of your day.