66 Homes For Sale in Everett, WA

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Beginning as a coastal hamlet located at the mouth of the Snohomish River on Possession Sound, Everett, Washington, is now a thriving commercial hub that is home to more than 105,000 people. Despite it’s growth, Everett has been able to retain the quaint charm of its past while also adopting a cosmopolitan vibe. For homebuyers, the city offers a healthy inventory of single-family homes, condos and townhouses at a median price that is a little lower than that of Washington as a whole, and significantly lower than in Seattle some 30 miles away.

Like many Pacific Northwest cities, Everett’s early economy centered on the lumber industry. Today, many residents of the city are are employed in Washington’s ever-growing technology, aerospace and service industries. Boeing, Everett’s largest employer, produces its 747, 767, 777 and 787 aircraft at a plant in the city. And tens of thousands of jobs in the region are related to the deep-water Port of Everett, which boasts the largest public marina on the West Coast. Everett is a well-connected city, with Interstate 5 running north to the Canadian border 115 miles away and down to the Mexican border, which lies some 1,300 miles south. Within the city and region there are many public transportation options, including rail service to Seattle.

The Xfinity Arena is home to the Everett Silvertips hockey team, and also serves as a venue for concerts, ice skating events, entertainment for kids and more. The city has an active arts and theater scene. There are many public art installations throughout the city. And the local Historic Everett Theatre is one of the oldest operating theaters west of the Rocky Mountains. Everett has more than 40 parks, such as the 111-acre Forest Park, with amenities ranging from a golf course to public fishing docks. Jetty Island is a manmade land mass in Puget Sound. It is accessible by ferry during the summer and is a great place to spot birds and other wildlife, such as gray whales during their spring migration. Downtown Everett has more than 100 shops, restaurants and other services. And the Everett Mall provides more shopping opportunities. The city’s historic district is a showcase of stately homes of the past. The Everett School District has dozens of schools, some with high ratings. And private school choices abound. For higher education, Everett Community College and University Center of North Puget Sound are located in Everett, with several other colleges and universities located within 50 miles of the city. Homebuyers looking to locate in the Seattle area can find some great opportunities in Everett. Take a look at our listings for the city and find a property that is perfect for you.