76 Homes For Sale in Ellicott City, MD

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There are quite a few living options available for anyone looking to move to Ellicott City, Maryland. In spite of its relatively modest size of just over 30 square miles and population of around 68,000 citizens, there are still numerous condominiums and houses on the market right now. Locations are for sale in all parts of the city, and with the typical price range going from just under $200,000 to about $300,000, it’s a fairly safe bet that you’ll be able to find something to suit both your financial and living situation.

Comfortable living in Ellicott City is actually more stable than many other places in the region as far as the climate is concerned. Summers tend to hover around the mid-80s while the winter months get much colder. As long as you don’t mind the inevitability of precipitation of some form nearly every month, you shouldn’t have much trouble adjusting. The working environment in Ellicott City is an excellent one. At the sacrifice of income taxes that are higher than the national average, you’ll be entering a situation in which unemployment is about half the national figure while the typical income per capital is nearly double it. With a large portion of the citizenry involved in the fields of finance, sales, and the sciences, there’s a wide variety of occupations to pursue should you be entering the area with something of a blank slate.

A solid range of activities and diversions also await you when you’re able to get away from work for a bit of rest and relaxation. For outdoor amusement, take the kids and rent a boat for a few hours at Centennial Park. An even larger number of activities is available at the Patapsco Valley State Park, where things like canoeing, fishing, mountain biking and horseback riding are all open to visitors. The Shrine of St. Anthony offers a more serene experience with meticulously maintained grounds as well as the majestic old Roman Catholic style of architecture. Ellicott City also has its share of quirkier happenings to check out. For some oddball shopping, check out places like the Forget-Me-Not Factory and A Journey from Junk. If you have a taste for history and perhaps a bit of bravery, look into taking a tour with the group representing Ye Haunted History of Olde Ellicott City. Should you be interested in a town with great working prospects and a slightly offbeat local culture, Ellicott City, Maryland may be the place for you.