162 Homes For Sale in Ellenwood, GA

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A southeastern suburb of Atlanta, Ellenwood, Georgia, is an unincorporated community with land in three counties that offers ample opportunity for singles, seniors and families seeking affordable housing. Whether folks are in search of a wide-open space and land to call their own or a more urban vibe complete with easy conveniences and close proximity to shopping, dining and recreation, Ellenwood offers it all within the considerable space it covers. It’s also a buyer’s market in Ellenwood, meaning money goes a long way – and there are plenty of housing options for budgets of all sizes.

About a 20-minute drive away from Ellenwood is the hustling, bustling city of Atlanta, which is the capital of Georgia as well as the economic and cultural epicenter of the region. With a thriving downtown area and numerous industries like logistics and information technology growing exponentially within the Atlanta market every day, job opportunities are becoming increasingly plentiful in the area, and it’s only a short commute from the sprawling lawns and spacious homes in Ellenwood. In addition to offering ample opportunity for employment, Atlanta boasts many thriving sports franchises, an astounding array of first-class restaurants and an unmatched shopping scene that rivals that of any major U.S. city. Its music scene is also a major part of its culture, and the city welcomes many an act to its stages while hosting numerous festivals and big-name acts throughout the year. The rich history of the area also lives on in museums and cultural heritage centers strewn throughout the city streets, making the region ideal for residents with varying hobbies and interests.

In less than a half hour, leave the big city and its inherent stresses and expenses behind and arrive in Ellenwood, where a slower pace prevails. Notice as the skyscrapers and smells of the city give way to the pleasant landscaping and broad lawns that line the streets of Ellenwood. The community is large, offering plenty of room for growth – and it’s poised to move in a steady direction in the years and decades to come. As suburban sprawl continues and residents increasingly desire the close proximity to the city without the prices and hassles commonly associated with city living, more and more residents are set to flock to Ellenwood’s green lawns and quiet lifestyle. When square footage is more desirable than immediate access to the hottest restaurants, bars and nightclubs, Ellenwood has a lot to offer.