50 Homes For Sale in Draper, UT

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Approximately halfway between the popular cities of Provo and Salt Lake City is the city of Draper, Utah. This beautiful area is located along the Wasatch Front, and it is home to several picturesque homes. The city has a variety of large, luxurious homes that provide attractive landscapes and interiors. Many of the homes also have amazing views of the Salt Lake Valley.

Draper has experienced a lot of growth during the last few decades. The area is filled with newer homes and shopping centers, and it is appealing spot for residents who want to live in suburbia. Draper is also a popular destination for members of the Mormon religion. There are several Mormon churches throughout the city and a temple. In addition to the strong religion influence, the city is home to a lot of families. The average household size is over 3, and many people have young children at home.

Although a substantial portion of the city is residential, there are a lot of local business efforts. One of the eBay customer service centers is located in Draper. The city is also the headquarters for 1-800-Contacts. Other companies that operate in the area include Coca-Cola, Harmon’s, Musician’s Friend, and Edward’s Lifesciences. The local businesses provide jobs for residents; however, it is common for people to commute to work. There are several jobs available throughout Salt Lake City and in Utah County. Draper is also a top destination for eating and shopping. The local shopping centers have experienced substantial growth during the last several years. In fact, Utah’s first IKEA was also built in Draper, making it a popular shopping spot for many people throughout the state. Compared to other Utah cities, Draper is an affluent area. The median household income is nearly $90,000. The beautiful homes in the city and appealing location make it a top destination for homeowners.