61 Homes For Rent in Dothan, AL

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Drawn a city with small town charm and wide open spaces? Then you’re looking for a place like Dothan, Alabama. With average home prices ranging in low- to mid-$100,000-well below the nationwide median home price of $200,000-it’s possible to find a great home without breaking your budget. A seamless blend of the old and the new is reflected in the diversity of Dothan properties, which span from historic buildings to new construction.

So whether you’re looking for a townhouse or single-family home, Dothan offers a diversity of dwellings that are sure to appeal to your desired lifestyle and desired price range. However, affordable home prices are not the only attraction of Dothan. The sticker shock property prices and low property taxes reflect the city’s overall low cost of living, a desirable factor for a high quality of life. Also, its location in the southern corner of the state means that Dothan has sunny weather all-year round, making it ideal for many recreational activities like golf and swimming. Dothan city parks offer more than just playgrounds, but also BMX bicycle race course, city swimming pools, splash pads, and tennis courts.

Dothan is known as a progressive city, a characteristic reflected through its eye toward continued growth of its businesses and community programs. Organizations such as the Cultural Arts Center and Dothan Opera House offer numerous cultural events throughout the year. The city’s ideal weather and agricultural surroundings has made it prime for growing its prized crop: peanuts. In fact, nearly half of the peanut crop in the United States is grown within 100 miles of Dothan. This gives reason to Dothan’s well-known nickname of "The Peanut Capital of the World." The city embraces this reputation with an annual National Peanut Festival. With affordable homes, family-friendly atmosphere and numerous community events, it’s no wonder why the city has been named as among the most livable places in the state of Alabama.