27 Homes For Sale in District Heights, MD

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Located less than 10 miles from Washington, DC, District Heights, Maryland is a suburban community with affordable housing. The area has a host of single-family homes with three or more bedrooms for a great price for the proximity to the Capital of the United States. Neighborhoods located near the central southern region of District Heights near Pennsylvania Avenue are where the more expensive real estate is situated. For those seeking smaller homes, there are also neighborhoods of townhouses located conveniently by public transportation for an easy commute to Washington, DC.

Although District Heights was originally farmland, the land was subsequently developed due to its proximity to Washington DC into a bustling city and than a dense suburban area. Although there are many homes, there are also many accessible parks available to the local residents. Suitland Community Park. The consistent rain helps to keep the park and area green and beautiful. The park and school center have a fitness room, game room, gymnasium and kitchen, and it is a complete educational center for the community. In the northern park of District Heights, Walker Mill Regional Park is in close proximity the housing. It has 470 acres of land with large areas devoted for recreation.

District Heights has many amenities to benefit its local population. There are multiple schools that service the area including two elementary schools, three middle schools and three high schools. For those who love shopping, there are multiple large shopping centers within 10 miles of the city. Due to its proximity to Washington DC, District Heights is a perfect place to live and enjoy the culture and history of the Capital of the United States. Another perk of District Heights is its diverse array of great food options. The Capital Seafood and Crab restaurant is one of the most popular eateries of the area and offers delicious seafood. District Heights is an ideal community for those who want to be close to Washington DC without having to live in the Capital.