102 Homes For Sale in Diamond Bar, CA

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Diamond Bar, California is home to over 55,000 residents. It is located in the eastern Los Angeles area and close to connection of the Orange and Pomona freeways. The area is primarily used for residential purposes; however, there are shopping centers scattered throughout the region. Diamond Bar offers Californians many attractive homes. There are smaller homes and townhouses for sale, along with some luxurious residences. Many of the homes are a little bit older, with several homes originating in the 1970s.

The city was named after the branding iron called "diamond over a bar." Local ranch owner, Frederick E. Lewis, registered this iron. The city is closely located to other suburban destinations including Rowland Heights, Walnut, Chino Hills, and Brea. The main road in the town, Diamond Bar Boulevard, leads to the Brea Canyon and is filled with beautiful homes. There is actually a private guarded community in the city, known as Diamond Bar Country Estates. This neighborhood is a popular location for homeowners in search of luxurious homes with more land. Diamond Bar is also has a Los Angeles County golf course. This golf course is open to the public and it is a popular recreational activity for town residents and visitors to the area.

Most of the people that live in Diamond Bar commute to neighboring areas for work. It is common for many individuals to have jobs in Los Angeles. However, there are local companies that provide work as well. Some of the top employers in Diamond Bar include Travelers, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Magan Medical, and First Team Real Estate. Diamond Bar is also home to a variety of schools that children and young adults attend. The city is served by two school districts – the Walnut Valley Unified School District and the Pomona Unified School District. There are numerous elementary schools and middle schools. Most high school students attend school at Diamond Bar High School. In addition, California InterContinental University has a campus in the Diamond Bar region. Diamond Bar has one of the top earning percentiles in the state. It also has a strong Asian presence. Over half of the residents are Asian and nearly one-third are White. Diamond Bar also has a mixture of other races including Blacks and Hispanics. Most of these individuals live in some of the beautiful households in the city. The attractive neighborhoods and communities make Diamond Bar an ideal place to call home.