210 Homes For Sale in Denton, TX

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With a wide array of arts and culture, Denton, Texas provides a wonderful, developed city on the northern edge of the Dallas Fort Worth area. This large city provides a wide array of housing options from smaller single family homes in suburban areas to larger, elegant tall mansions placed on exclusive real estate. Due to its size of 89 square miles, the city has the space to be laid out in well-planned neighborhoods with moderately sized homes for younger families.

Denton is known as a hub for local arts and culture. The North Texas State Fair and Rodeo is an annual event held at the North Texas State Fairgrounds and brings over 150,000 people to this celebration of cowboy culture. The city also has annual festivals including a documentary film festival. In addition, the local government has supported the development the largest community garden in the entire United States. This dedication to local food and community involvements underscores a tight knit community. Denton’s city center is called Denton Square and is a political and cultural center of the city. This site contains a museum and local governmental offices.

Because of its University and extensive parks system, Denton is a great place to raise a family. The city has been dedicated to going green and hosts a wide array of recreation options. Much of this flexibility is due to careful planning by the city. Denton has preserved open spaces in the area to help maintain clean water, air, and maintain the beauty of the area. In addition, the city has created a vast array of parks and trails through green forests. These locations range from small neighborhood parks and trails to larger, special interest parks. The South Lakes Park allows urban families a wonderful place to go fishing. Due to its geography, Denton avoids cold winters and has hot, humid summers, making it the perfect place for swimming and outdoor water activities in the summer. Denton has strong educational roots. It is supported by both public and private primary and secondary education systems. Both the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University are located in Denton. These schools enroll over 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students and provide renowned training programs in health sciences and music. Because of its size, Denton has a well-developed mass transit system that makes it easy to travel throughout the city. This transit system includes both a bus and a rail system for the local population’s convenience.