18 Condos For Sale in Decatur, GA

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A small southern city that is big on charm, Decatur, Georgia, has just over 20,000 people in its 42 square miles. The unofficial motto of this charismatic city, "It’s Greater In Decatur," is a testament to the pride residents have in their community. This pride is reflected in the well-tended homes, shops, and businesses in the area. A recent uptick in development plans has also led to an improved downtown area that is trendy yet accessible for residents and tourists alike.

Family, education, and faith are the traditional values of this small Atlanta suburb. Many homes in Decatur are single-family residences, with three to four bedrooms and mid-sized lots, although there are larger homes with more square footage that are available as well. As Decatur is an older city, there are quite a few privately owned historic homes located throughout the city with large, stately oak trees dotting the landscape. Most homes are affordable and tastefully designed to appeal to a wide range of residents. Neighborhoods in Decatur are an eclectic mix, with schools, libraries, parks, and businesses interspersed with residences throughout the town.

Job growth is positive in Decatur, with a thriving business community that includes popular industries such as education, government, healthcare, professional services, small service industry, retail, and food services. The largest employer in Decatur is DeKalb County Government, with around 1200 employees. Other local services, such as the U.S. Postal Service and the City of Decatur, each employ hundreds of workers. Education is also a top employment industry in Decatur, with the Decatur Board of Education, the Decatur branch of the DeKalb Public Library, Agnes Scott College, Emory University, Georgia State Universities Perimeter College, as well as the Decatur School District, which contains a high school, a middle school, and five elementary schools. These schools help to employ and serve the residents of Decatur while also imparting the traditional values of this family-friendly community to their students.