53 Homes For Sale in Coppell, TX

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As a suburb of Big D, Coppell, Texas benefits from being near a large and bustling city. With just over 38,000 people and 14.7 square miles of land, Coppell feels like a close-knit community. Homes range from older, tree-lined lots to new, modern developments with stone and brick facades. A range of sizes are available, but the most common is a standard, four-bedroom layout suitable for families of small to average size.

When you move to Coppell, you'll be living in a very affluent bedroom community just outside one of Texas's main metroplex areas. At last record, the median household income was $106,783, over double that for the nation, while the percentage of families living below the poverty line was vastly lower than elsewhere in the country. There are also a variety of high-quality amenities locally, such as spas, theaters, night clubs and golfing courses. The local Theatre Coppell runs a new show every other month featuring local talent and great seasonal deals. It's a great place to relax and take in a show, or to strut your stuff on the stage.

It's hard to go anywhere in Texas and miss out on the mighty Trinity River since it's over 700 miles long and is the longest river flowing entirely in the state of Texas. In this, Coppell is no exception; with the Trinity flowing within city limits, you will find many opportunities for hiking, canoeing and kayaking. The Coppell Nature Park is a beautiful 66 acres of trail and wilderness with a dedication to biodiversity preservation and education. It is not meant for camping, but the Vineyard Campgrounds are easily within driving distance in nearby Grapevine, as are other great sites. Whether you spend your weekends in town or take in the sights at any of the marvelous cities nearby, Coppell is a wonderful place to go home to.