179 Homes For Sale in Concord, NC

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The twelfth largest city in North Carolina, Concord is just south of Charlotte and is located in the southwestern portion of the state. Given the title of ‘All-American City’, Concord is true to its moniker. It sports a variety of home styles that reflect the American dream. Wide green lawns, polished exteriors, spacious interior floor plans, and enough bedrooms to accommodate the family are a few of the characteristics of the homes in Concord.

Because of its unique setup of neighborhood improvement programs, Concord is one of the most desirable residential areas in the Charlotte region. Nearly 50 of its communities participate in the Partnerships for Stronger Neighborhoods system, which hosts events, programming, community resources, and more in an effort to provide a very high quality of life to the residents of Concord. Concord citizens lack nothing in terms of recreation and diversion, with eight parks, three community recreation centers, four sports complexes, and an impressive center for aquatics. Lake Fisher, a large golf club, and the Sportscenter are three more hubs of private and public outdoor activity. Carolina Mall and Concord Mills are two of the main retail centers of the area, in addition to the downtown district, which is home to much fine dining, shopping, and commerce.

The economy of Concord is a diverse and practical one. Because of its proximity to the Carolina Motor Speedway, motorsports businesses play a large part. Manufacturing, banking, and shipping and transportation are some of the largest employing sectors. Large employers, such as the Carolinas Healthcare System, Cabarrus County Schools, Connextions, Shoe Show, the Carolia Medical Center, and Kannapolis City Schools, dominate the job scene. However, there are plenty of small businesses that are involved in various sectors of service, health, education, and retail. The Cabarrus County Government, the City of Concord, and the North Carolina Government are the primary government related employers.