52 New Homes For Sale in Chino, CA

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Spreading out comfortably amidst the dairy farms of the Chino Valley, Chino, CA, is a large city that manages to have a small-town feel. The mission-like Southwestern style houses in this area hail to Southern California’s storied past. The wide back patios on these homes are meant for soaking up the gorgeous San Bernardino county weather. Other style homes in the city feature glorious balconies above spacious garages. There is truly something for everyone in Chino.

The neighborhoods of Chino offer beauty both inside and outside of the homes that they contain. Cornell at College Park is one of these new construction neighborhoods. Gourmet kitchens offer residents the freedom to create whatever culinary delights they can imagine, and ample storage keeps them free from clutter. Sonata at the Preserve is another new neighborhood, offering homes with sunny kitchens and up to five bedrooms. The 15,000 square foot rec center is sure to provide hours of entertainment. The Amherst neighborhood has homes of four to six bedrooms, and is close to highways 71, 91, 60 and 15, all of which lead to a variety of fun diversions throughout Southern CA. Within the community itself are a clubhouse, a gym, a pool and walking trails, so residents can have fun while staying active. Despite their gorgeous constructions and luxurious amenities, the homes in Chino, CA, are generally priced far lower than similar homes in the surrounding cities.

Chino is 35 miles from Los Angeles, so some residents may commute there for work. However, Chino itself is a large city, and it has many jobs to offer. It is home to the famous California Institution for Men and California Institution for Women. These two world-class correctional facilities are some of the highest providers of jobs in the area. The Chino Valley Unified School District is the other largest employer in the area, providing teaching, administrative and maintenance jobs. The Chino Valley Medical Center is also a large employer for the area, as are large department stores such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy.