38 Condos For Sale in Charleston, SC

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Located on the coastline of South Carolina, Charleston is frequently considered one of the friendliest cities in the United States. Furthermore, the rich history of the area is reflected through well-preserved architecture, landmarks and museums. Real estate in Charleston encompasses all ages and architectural styles depending on which area of town you are in. Residents can also choose between high-rise apartment buildings, attached townhouses and established single-family homes according to the amount of space that is needed to be comfortable.

Neighborhoods throughout Charleston offer convenient access to local amenities and demonstrate a welcoming atmosphere overall. People who are looking for safety and security will feel at home in Baker Plantation, a private and peaceful neighborhood. Harleston Village and Charlestowne are situated right on the banks of the Ashley River with two colleges close by. Riverland Terrace lies at the junction of Wappoo Creek and the Stono River further to the west. For historic real estate built in the early 20th century and lively community festivities, try the Old Charlestown District or Orange Grove instead. Stiles Point, on the other hand, is a popular local neighborhood due to its proximity to the ocean and pleasant, tree-lined streets.

Above all else, the city of Charleston is a destination for tourist, which has a major impact on the local economy and related industries. As a result, healthcare and accommodation accounts for most of the activity in this region, followed closely by industries that involve retail and sales. As far as educational services, Charleston is recognized as a community that encourages academic institutions. In fact, many people in this city are employed by the Medical University of South Carolina or the Charleston School of Law. Jobs that have to do with software and information technology can be found in a commercially developed area known as the Digital Corridor or through global organizations such as Blackbaud.