36 New Homes For Sale in Chapel Hill, NC

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, can be found in one of oldest colonial regions of land, having been part of a deal granted to an early settler in 1753. It is most notably home to University of North Carolina’s Chapel Hill campus. The new developments in Chapel Hill are mainly larger family homes, ranging from three to four bedrooms. These homes for sale can accommodate those from an average to above-average income who want to move into this vibrant city.

There are plenty of different charming neighborhoods someone could potentially move into around the area. Southern Village is one of these, and it has been around since the 1990’s. Smaller yards and narrower streets create a more intimate environment while acres of walking trails make it easy to keep a healthy lifestyle. One of the smallest neighborhoods in the area is Sunset Creek. Featuring a pool, playground, common area, and clubhouse, this neighborhood of about 68 homes is quite charming. Those looking for a more luxurious setting might check out the gated community of Governors Club. The larger houses in the neighborhood are all close to the main clubhouse, where residents can enjoy the golf course among other amenities.

As with many college towns, the place employing the largest number of people in Chapel Hill is the local university, in this case UNC Chapel Hill. UNC Health Care, a not-for-profit health care system, extends beyond just the university and actually provides service to the greater Research Triangle area (the region which includes Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. The next most common sources of employment are government jobs, with primary employers including Orange County and the Town of Chapel Hill. When it comes to private companies, the biggest employer in Chapel Hill is Eurosport, which provides American soccer players with equipment and information. Eurosport has grown recently and now includes Great Atlantic Lacrosse Company, Keepersport, and some related websites as well.