8 Condos For Sale in Chapel Hill, NC

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Chapel Hill, NC is a bustling college town, home to the first state university in the U.S. The surrounding area is steeped in history, with a wide variety of housing available. Large 18th Century homes lie close to campus, historic millhouses sit on the outskirts of town, and all the areas in between are peppered with apartments and condos suitable for students and professionals alike.

North Chapel Hill contains forests and farmlands, and is full of single-family homes available to rent or own. Mid-Century ranch homes and newer 3- and 4-bedroom houses are situated in the area surrounding Homestead Park. Even further north, off of Weaver Dairy Road, are older farm houses in the middle of tranquil green fields. Moving south to Highway 54, the housing is more community-based, with several townhouse developments as well as the Meadowmont neighborhood. In Meadowmont, you will find a mixed-use and relatively affluent community containing picturesque houses spiraling around grocery stores, shops and restaurants. The homes are all very new, but designed to fit Chapel Hill’s historic vibe. The heart of the city surrounds the university, and here lie some the oldest, most beautiful and most expensive abodes in town. Neoclassical and Greek-Revival styles mix with Colonial and even Victorian architecture, reflecting a city long-established but slow to grow.

The largest employer by far is the University of North Carolina, which includes a medical school and the attached hospital system. This is no surprise for a town whose fire engines are even painted Carolina Blue. Many people working in neighboring Research Triangle Park, at companies including IBM and GlaxoSmithKline, opt to reside in the relatively quiet and charming town of Chapel Hill rather than the nearby cities of Raleigh or Durham. The hospitality and food service industries are thriving in Chapel Hill, centering around a home-grown, farm-to-fork mindset. The housing markets, job markets and culture continue to thrive for such a small town.