334 Homes For Sale in Chandler, AZ

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Located in Maricopa County, Arizona, Chandler is a large suburban area located outside of Phoenix. The city has a population of 239,610, and Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Phoenix border it along with the Gila River Indian Community. It is home to a large number of families, and the age range of its populous is quite diverse. There are a variety of neighborhoods that provide a wide selection of housing.

Dr. Alexander Chandler first settled the town in 1891, and by 1913 the town grew substantially with the establishment of the town center. The state’s first golf resort, the Hotel San Marcos was one of the central features of the time. Up until the 1980s, the population growth remained about the same. However, with the 80s tech surge, Chandler saw the arrival of computer and communication corporations including Microchip, Intel and Motorola. In the past couple decades, the city has been recognized as one of the quickest growing municipalities in the United States. Throughout recent growth, the city has not forgotten its heritage, and the historic downtown remains a prominent fixture.

The city’s historical roots have led to many cultural events and attractions throughout the city. Visitors and locals can visit several historical sites including the McCullough-Price House and the City Hall. The city is also home to several museums including the Arizona Railway Museum and the Holocaust and Tolerance Museum. The Chandler Center for the Arts hosts several theater, music and dance performances throughout the year. One of the town’s biggest events is the Ostrich Festival that pays homage to the area’s agricultural roots. Additionally, Chandler has been recognized for its focus on parks and recreation, and it was named one of the most Playful Cities by KaBoom!, a non-profit organization focusing on parks and rec. The Chandler Community Services Department provides a number of educational programs and events that are focused on art, fitness, culture and recreation, and there is an array of community organizations that support these efforts. Students in the community have the option to attend the Chandler Unified School District or a selection of charter schools, magnet schools or Christian schools. There are also a variety of continuing education options including Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Western International University, and the recently established Chandler University. Arizona State University is located in nearby Tempe. The city also offers an extensive library system that supports literacy efforts. Chandler is home to a number of community efforts that make it a perfect place to call home.