228 Homes For Sale in Carson City, NV

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The capital of Nevada, Carson City lies just to the east of the Sierra Desert, not far from Lake Tahoe and Reno. In spite of the proximity to the Sierra, the climate is quite mild compared to the rest of the country. Its population of 55,400 people is spread over the 144 square miles of this sprawling city. Median home costs here are $198,900 with a median $1,580 monthly mortgage. Household incomes range from $53k to $76k annually. Most jobs in Carson City are in production, management and health and social services.

Because of the city’s rambling nature, transportation is an important consideration. While the majority of people drive alone or carpool to and from their jobs, the JAC bus service runs a large route in and around the city with convenient stops in most neighborhoods as well as the downtown area. Whether you live near downtown or in a more rural neighborhood, your children will have access to a quality education in public schools with at 14:1 student teacher ratio. You may choose from a number of private schools, as well. Both public and private schools serve ages from Kindergarten to twelfth grade, and there are nine colleges and universities within a hundred miles of Carson City.

In addition to a variety of educational options, residents also receive excellent healthcare from 390 doctors of varying specialties located in Carson City as well as benefitting from two acute care hospitals located within the capital city. One of the healthiest cities in Nevada, Carson City boasts over 600 acres of parks offering hiking, biking, boating and other activities for the outdoor enthusiast. For those more historically and culturally minded, there are a number of museums, historical homes and cultural centers that might be of interest. No matter how you spend your free time, Carson City has a little bit of everything.