351 Homes For Sale in Canyon Lake, TX

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Located in central Texas on the borders of a beautiful lake sits the city of Canyon Lake. This area is home to many water enthusiasts who spend their time boating, sailing or fishing on the picturesque waters of Canyon Lake. There are spacious family homes for sale in this community; with large yards for the kids to roam and brick exteriors that require little maintenance. You’re likely to see families taking walks in the evening, or frequenting one of the many parks in the area.

The climate in Canyon Lake, TX is mild and calm throughout the winter, and hot and sunny during the summer. This allows the residents almost year-round access to the large shores of Canyon Lake and the nearby Guadalupe River. The city itself has over 80 miles of scenic shoreline, making it ideal for local fishermen. With an abundance of large-mouth bass, catfish and more frequenting the waters, you’re bound to catch something good. If you’re looking for some excitement, try tubing down the Guadalupe River or do a little skiing on the lake. With campgrounds, picnic shelters and public parks lining the banks, there’s plenty of space for family and friends to hang out and you’re all guaranteed a good time.

Aside from being the water recreation capital of Texas, Canyon Lake also offers its residents a peaceful background for their life. Many locals enjoy photography and spend free time nature-watching to capture stunning images of deer, birds and the natural beauty of the trees lining the beaches. Most of the nearly 17,000 people that call Canyon Lake, Texas, home are families with children. They attend the local Comal Independent School District and participate in sports and recreational activities, which is a large part of Canyon Lake life. If you really want to capture the essence of this great community, attend a Friday night football game and feel the hometown spirit that runs deep in Texas towns. Or walk along the shoreline of the Guadalupe River or Canyon Lake where you can feel the cool breeze floating off the water and hear the waves lapping at the shores. Living in Canyon Lake is like living in your vacation. With so much gorgeous scenery and an abundance of water activities, you would be lucky to call this place home. If you are ready to take the plunge into this appealing community, browse our selection of available homes and find the perfect one to fulfill your needs.