183 Homes For Sale in Canyon Country, CA

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Canyon Country, California is a picturesque town located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains. It is a district of the larger California City known as Santa Clarita and an appealing destination for Los Angeles County residents. There are a variety of homes for sale in the town including new homes and townhouses. The smaller homes are ideal for people searching for a starter home.

In addition to being located among mountains, Canyon Country residents can also see the San Gabriel Mountains. The city is also located next to the Santa Clarita Valley and the Santa Clara River. Furthermore, the Placerita Canyon Nature Center is located in the city. This is one of the sites where gold was discovered during the 1800s. These beautiful outdoor landscapes enhance the visual appeal of the area and make it a popular place to buy a home. Along with these appealing places, Canyon Country has favorable weather. Most of the year, the temperatures are mild, making it easier to participate in outdoor activities.

The city is conveniently located to other cities in North Los Angeles, and is one of the four main communities in Santa Clarita. Today, nearly 60,000 people live in Canyon Country. Most of the residents work in neighboring cities, and it is common for people to commute to Los Angeles for work. The children in the area often attend school at one of the public schools in Santa Clarita; however, there are a few private schools close by. Most of the residents love the suburban feel of the area and its culture. Interestingly, several movies have been filmed in the town, and there are some studios in the city. The history, culture, and beauty of Canyon Country make it a popular place to buy a home. Whether you need a starter home or something larger, you can find it in this Los Angeles town.