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Canton, Georgia is a smaller city 40 miles outside of Atlanta. It is located in the middle of Cherokee County and has a population of nearly 23,000. It has experienced substantial population growth throughout the last decade. The area is filled with luxurious homes that are large in size. There are also some smaller homes available, which are ideal options for younger families. The homes offer a unique beauty and character that the residents of the area love.

The Etowah River flows through the center of the city. This river is a tributary of the Coosa River, and it flows east to west. Canton also sits along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In early years, the area was considered a Cherokee Nation or the Indian Country. During the 1800s, other residents began to inhabit the area. Today the city is predominantly white. However, there is a strong African American presence along with several Hispanics and Latinos. Canton is also home to a variety of ages. Children make up a substantial portion of the population, and there are numerous retired individuals. Since the area has a lot of children, many of the homes are filled with families.

Several updates are in the process for the city, such as renovations, new construction, and revitalization. A lot of the updates focus on creating beautiful neighborhoods with parks and paved sidewalks. Canton is also home to a variety of recreational activities. The Historic Canton Theatre offers special entertainment events throughout the year. Heritage Park is another popular recreational spot for town residents. The park is filled with trails and open land. It constantly hosts concerts and other events. There are also sporting facilities at the park, including baseball fields, softball fields, tennis courts, and soccer fields. In addition to Heritage Park, many residents enjoy visiting the community center. This venue offers a gym, wellness programs, and a swimming pool. Besides the recreation, Canton is a great spot for schools. The area is part of a larger schools district in Cherokee County, and there are multiple elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The Chattahoochee Technical College also has a campus in the area. Canton offers a wonderful community feel, and it is well designed. In addition, it is convenient to other Cherokee County spots including the Cherokee County Airport. If you are searching for a place to live in Georgia, Canton might be for you.