186 Condos For Sale in Boynton Beach, FL

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Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, the city of Boynton Beach has a population of nearly 70,000 people within its sunny city. Boynton Beach is an incredibly diverse Oceanside city, and the many homes available in the area are a reflection of that. There are beachside condos, vacation townhomes, and luxury residences located throughout this relaxed and touristy city.

There is plenty to do in Boynton Beach, with the Boynton Beach Mall, Renaissance Commons, and Boynton Town Center all located in the newly redeveloped downtown area. Gorgeous weather year-round, plenty of sandy beaches, and a relatively low cost of living have all helped to attract many people to this city, leading to a growth in rental communities, vacation homes, and families looking to raise their kids in a diverse and kid-friendly city. Neighborhoods in Boynton Beach tend to be as diverse as its residents, with nearly 30 community areas in the city. Neighborhoods nearby the central downtown and business district are designated as mixed-use areas, with businesses, grocery stores, and shops interspersed with houses, while homes in neighborhoods on the outer edges of town have a more residential feel, with single-family homes, green lawns, and cactus gardens located along sunny streets.

Employment opportunities are available in Boynton Beach in a variety of industries, namely education, medical and healthcare, local services, communications, retail, and tourism. Florida Career College and the School Board of Palm Beach County employ nearly 18,000 people in the area combined; while nearby Palm Beach State College and Palm Beach Vocational Institute also help contribute to the education jobs in the city. Tourism is a major industry in Boynton Beach, with many hotels, motels, entertainment venues, and golf courses all catering to the thousands of visitors that flock to the area every year. Unemployment in Boynton Beach is low, and job growth has been positive in the city for the past year.