86 Homes For Sale in Bothell, WA

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Washington State boasts many incredible and scenic towns throughout its wide expanse, but few are more picturesque than Bothell. This lovely part of the Seattle metropolitan area is made up of at least 18 separate neighborhoods. The selection of homes available in Bothell is truly impressive. The variety of both newly built and vintage homes is emblematic of the cultural climate surrounding this part of Washington. Mixing the old with the new is something truly Washingtonian.

While Bothell has been the home of several famous musicians, including Blake Lewis from American Idol and Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie, the driving force behind the town isn’t music. Biotechnology firms are a huge presence in the Bothell economy. Blue Heron Biotechnology, Iverson Genetic Diagnostics and Seattle Genetics, amongst others, all call Bothell home. Computer technology, Engineering and the US Army are also major contributors to the local economy. With so many career prospects, you won’t have to worry about having to commute back and forth in Seattle traffic. You will be able to live and work in the same city. This gives you more free time to enjoy the local scene and spend time with your family and friends.

Enjoying Bothell is all about soaking up the local attractions. The city hosts an annual Beer Festival which features food, live music and lots of local breweries. Distilleries and breweries are a major draw in Bothell, as well as many other cities in the Pacific Northwest. Living in Bothell means that you get to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery and nature in the world. There are few places more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest and living here means that you get to experience it firsthand. Outdoor dining is a great way to spend time with your sweetheart. Share a bite under the stars at the nostalgic Ranch Drive-In or Jantee Bistro and Bottle Shop. Get your hands on some quality organic produce at the Bothell Farmers Market, which takes place every Friday throughout the year. There is never a short supply of things to do outside in Bothell. This beautiful city snuggled between the Cascade Mountain and Puget Sound gives easy access to a wide variety of activities. It’s more than possible to spend your morning surfing and then drive out to the mountains to ski or snowboard that same afternoon. A life in Bothell is a life of unlimited possibilities. Use the filters to find the home of your dreams and start exploring those possibilities.