67 Homes For Sale in Beckley, WV

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Stately southern homes with gently sloping roofs dot the quiet streets and neighborhoods of Beckley, West Virginia, as do many uniquely American brick ranch homes. Amongst the charming and picturesque houses of this small southeastern town are many which will appeal strongly to first time home buyers and those who are just starting out. Beckley has a lot to offer residents who are attracted to the budget friendly housing market and the thriving community.

Surrounded by three well known national parks in its spot the middle of the east coast, Beckley has grown to be quite the tourist destination as well as being a great place to live for its 17,000 residents. Located in Raleigh County, Beckley is a West Virginian highland characterized by booming business, convenience to all of the nearby areas, and safety. But Beckley also remains true to its rural and agricultural roots, as it is surrounded by beloved woodlands and farms that have made it their home for many years.

As the largest city in the southern West Virginia area, Beckley has a lot to offer in terms of urban life with its easy access to the interstate and bustling commerce, but it still boasts plenty of parks and recreational areas throughout the town. It is the regional transportation hub for over 100,000 residents of the state, with notable railway and air options besides the major roads. The Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Tamarack, a celebration of local heritage arts and crafts in the Appalachian tradition, serve to draw many visitors each year to the area to study its history. One other attractive factor is that the residents of West Virginia have enjoyed the lowest rate of crime in the nation for many years, and Beckley is no exception. While the downtown area is busy and lively, the residential sections of the town are quiet, community oriented, and safe.