86 Homes For Sale in Bayonne, NJ

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Located on a peninsula surrounded by Newark Bay to the west, New York Bay to the east, and the Kill Van Kull tidal strait to the south, Bayonne, New Jersey, offers a rather unique living opportunity: a small city with proximity to some of the greatest urban areas in the world. With about 65,000 inhabitants, it is an extremely nautical city made up of historic Victorian neighborhoods, small apartments buildings, and a smattering of single-family homes. While residences generally sell for higher than the national average, they are reasonably priced compared to those of nearby cities.

From Port Johnson and Robinson Circle on the east to the west side communities that lie along John F. Kennedy Avenue and the shores of Newark Bay, all of Bayonne’s neighborhoods have excellent access to the seacoast, a wide variety of amenities, and public transportation. Many of Bayonne’s residents work in nearby New York, easily reached by both ferry and the Bayonne Bridge that arches over New York Bay to Staten Island and the borough of Brooklyn. Many residents also commute to Newark for work. In fact, the average commute for Bayonne residents is about 30 minutes. This is not unusual for east coast cities.

Bayonne has 16 neighborhoods, all of which are nautical and densely populated. You will find a high percentage of small, 3-4 unit apartment buildings in all of them. A large number of these are converted Victorian mansions. Bayonne also has many buildings with the old-fashioned tradition of having a business on the first level with residences occupying the floors above. Many of these businesses are the locally owned restaurants and shops that characterize the city and help make it a pedestrian-friendly place to live and shop. The Bergen Point neighborhood, on the southeastern tip of the peninsula, is particularly known for its historic residences, having one of the highest concentrations of homes built before World War II in the United States. Bergen Point is also the starting point of the Hackensack Riverwalk, which runs north along Newark Bay and boasts parks and wetland preserves. If you want a more modern living space, the City Center neighborhood is one of your best bets. While still full of historic Victorian and Colonial homes like the rest of Bayonne, it also has the highest concentration of newer buildings than other neighborhoods in the city. However, most of them are apartments. With its nautical charm, fine amenities, and proximity to larger urban centers, Bayonne is a great choice for anyone who desires coastal living in a smaller urban setting.