79 Homes For Sale in Auburn, WA

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Auburn, Washington, is an amazing city that is located between Tacoma and Seattle and just east of Federal Way. Auburn is a suburban area and a great place to raise a family. The median value of a home in Auburn is about $270,000, putting it in the lower price range of the Seattle-metropolitan area; but this doesn’t mean that the houses aren’t as nice. The city is full of beautiful, two-story, 3-5 bedroom homes. If your family is considering a move to Auburn, you’re bound to find something that you love.

There are many places you can take your kids. A wide variety of fun zones include indoor bounce house locations and game rooms. Whether they want to have a party or just get out of the house on a rainy day, your family will never be bored in Auburn, Washington. Another perk about the area is that there are many places to go swimming indoors. Other fun things to do indoors include roller skating, laser tag, and trampoline parks. If you get a break from the rain and want to enjoy some beautiful weather, there are many parks around Auburn. You can enjoy a family barbecue, a game of tennis, or just let your little ones play on the playground. About half of the Auburn population is comprised of married couples, so it’s not difficult to find others with children and make friends to enjoy these activities with you.

If you don’t have kids or you just want to enjoy a fun date night, there is some great nightlife to enjoy. You can go to the local casino whether you like to gamble or not. On top of video and table games, they have a dance club and several restaurants. Auburn also has the most popular horse racing track in the state. Even if you have no money to bet on horses, watching the majestic creatures run is a blast. After the horse races, you can head down to one of the several pubs or wineries in the area. If you love gourmet, you can enjoy the night tasting wine, cheese, and caviar. If you aren’t a wine lover, beer is served just about everywhere, even the wineries. If laid-back and relaxed is more your style, you can find pubs and eateries on just about every corner of the main streets throughout the city. Auburn is home to nearly 75,000 people, so you will never be bored or lonely. Auburn, Washington, is a great place to live; browse homes for sale and you’ll be sure to find many that meet your needs.