66 Homes For Sale in Attleboro, MA

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Attleboro, Massachusetts, is a haven for those in search of relative proximity to Boston coupled with a suburban cost of living. Whether you’re a contented loft apartment dweller or you’re seeking a larger home for a growing family, Attleboro has options to choose from. Single-story ranch housing is popular, as are the classically stylish Victorian homes, and the growing number of community housing buildings with single apartments and duplexes. Attleboro’s residential community encompasses northeastern sensibility and compactness while leaving room for citizens to enjoy the beauty of the area.

Attleboro once claimed the title of the ‘Jewelry Capital of the World’, due to its remarkable number of jewelry manufacturers including the L.G. Balfour Jewelry Plant. Today, it retains its place as ‘The Jewelry City’, although it could easily be known as ‘The Museum City’ as well. Four museum are located within the city, including the Attleboro Arts Museum, the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum, the Women at Work Museum, and the Museum at the Mill. And there are almost as many churches as there were jewelry makers, with major religious structures representing Protestants, Catholics, and non-denominational groups.

Just under 20 miles to Providence, Rhode Island, and about 40 miles from Boston, Attleboro is in Bristol County within the tail of southeast Massachusetts. Bus services and commuter rail stations make it easy to get around without a vehicle. Over the last few years, the downtown historical district has gone through multi-million dollar revitalization and improvements, turning it into the vibrant hub of local economy that it is today. Containing around 45,000 residents in its 30 square miles, Attleboro is compact and peppered with scenic rivers like the Ten Mile River, which runs through the center of the city, along with several small ponds. If you’re looking for major city access but the lifestyle and opportunities of a suburban town, consider re-homing in Attleboro.