410 Homes For Sale in Athens, AL

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Located halfway between Birmingham and Nashville on Highway 65, Athens AL has recently been voted among the best towns to live in the state. The town is primarily distinguished for its valuable real estate, solid neighborhoods, safety and the education offered. Residents who have chosen to call this small town their home are proud of the town’s rich history as they look towards a bright future.

In its beginnings, Athens attracted people because of its promising agriculture. The soil found in there was particularly rich with nutrients, and settlers began to reside there after the Mississippi Territory was purchased. As the town began to develop, its reputation evolved from farming to transportation with the emergence of the railroad system around the time of the Civil War. It is difficult not to notice the strong ties that the town keeps with its history. Athens is comprised of four historic districts, all of which have homes that date back to the 1800s. It is not unusual to witness guided walking tours on the weekends where both tourists and residents can marvel at the beautiful architecture. The Alabama Veterans Museum and Archives is located on Pryor Street and offers memorabilia and testimonies of those who have served in the country from the state of Alabama. Another tribute to its past, the Donnell House has remained as one of the town’s most beloved structures.

The town’s historic features provide cultural education and entertainment as well. The Historic Downtown is a place where several gather for a unique shopping and dining experience. Recreational opportunities such as the Swan Creek Trailway offer a chance to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. This trail can be found in one of the area’s six public parks, all of which have playgrounds. The most popular neighborhoods are suburban neighborhoods comprised of medium-sized homes. The real estate is valuable because of the town’s size and low crime rate.