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Located in Buncombe County, North Carolina, Asheville is the biggest city in Western North Carolina with a population of 83,393. The city offers a number of different neighborhoods throughout its north, east, south and west regions, each with a variety of housing options. Asheville currently stands as the third most religious city in North Carolina with a population representing a range of denominations.

There are a number of public schools in the city, and Asheville High was ranked as one of the top High Schools in the United States by Newsweek. There are also a selection of charter schools and private schools available to residents. A number of institutions of higher education also reside in the area and include a variety of both colleges and universities. There are a many opportunities available to the youth of the city. While Asheville is located in a region with a typical Southeastern humid subtropical climate, it is substantially cooler than the rest of the region because it sits in the Blue Ridge Mountains. While there is still significant moisture in the air, the region provides more comfortable temperatures with a July average of 74 degrees. Winters can be cool, and January temperatures average about 37 degrees.

The origins of Asheville as a town can be dated back to 1784, and it was fully established by 1790. The town has a rich history. While it was mostly untouched by the Civil War, its citizens did contribute substantially to companies in the confederate army, and the city has experienced many booms and busts throughout the 20th century. Today, the city has received much recognition in magazines and news sources that praise it as one of the top places to live and give it accolades for multiple reasons from romance to beer to art. The city provides a rich culture with a range of institutions in sports, music, art, theater and recreation. Live music appeals to a number of locals and tourists, and the community provides a vast selection of street performances, music festivals and concerts along with symphony and opera productions. In addition, the city is home to a number of community and repertory theaters that provide traditional and unique performances. Architecture is a prominent fixture throughout the city including the art deco city hall, the unique Battery Park Hotel, the neo-gothic Jackson Building, and the arts and crafts based Grove Park Inn. If art or architecture isn’t your cup of tea, then there are several college sporting events to attend. The city provides a vast selection of things to do and is the perfect home for a wide variety of individuals.