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In the middle of the Texas Panhandle along historic Route 66 lies Amarillo, also known as the Yellow Rose of Texas. Amarillo truly is cowboy country, a place where steak is king and people are friendly and welcoming. Its low unemployment and low cost of living attract people from all over the country. The price of real estate in Amarillo is well below the national average and thanks to the numerous job opportunities available, Amarillo also boasts a strong rental market.

Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, but feels more like a small town. Recent efforts to revitalize downtown Amarillo have paid off, as it is both clean and modern. Summers can be hot, but the mild winters and dry climate mean that Amarillo’s 200,000 residents get to enjoy the city’s more than 50 parks all year round. South of town is Palo Duro Canyon State Park, which is the second largest canyon in the country behind the Grand Canyon. Rodeo is a big draw in town, but so are the local symphony and ballet. While Amarillo is best known for its steak at places like the Big Texan, food offerings from all around the world can be found in local mom and pop restaurants.

As the seat of Potter County, Amarillo is home to numerous government offices and courthouses. The largest employer in the area is Tyson Foods, and many residents are employed in the aerospace, aviation and defense contracting industries. Amarillo is also where one quarter of the beef in the United States is processed, and nearby gas and oil fields are also sources of employment for residents. Because it’s situated on flat, dry land, wind turbines are used as an alternative energy source, which not only brings jobs to the area, but helps keep utility bills in Amarillo low as well. Commutes are short, as the city is easy to navigate and traffic is rarely a problem. This means residents can spend more time enjoying what Amarillo has to offer. Given its low unemployment, low cost of living and its status as a regional economic center, Amarillo is a wonderful place to call home.