163 Homes For Sale in Albany, NY

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If you’re looking for a city that boasts both a long history as well as a forward-looking focus, look no further than New York’s capital of Albany. Here you’ll find a vibrant epicenter of culture and higher education institutions, as well as exciting development in the city’s midtown and downtown neighborhoods. With a beautiful waterfront location right on the Hudson River, nature lovers and diehard city dwellers alike will find something to please them. Housing options are diverse and include everything from multi-family colonials to historic bungalows and row houses.

A surviving settlement of the first British colonies, Albany is also one of the first cities worldwide to have installed public sewer lines, electricity and natural gas lines, water mains, and other crucial infrastructure that set the standard for all those that followed. City managers, residents and businesses in Albany all work together to create and maintain a high standard of living for the population. The neighborhoods have distinguishing characteristics such as historic architecture and walkable streets, making the city a unique place to call home. There is an emphasis placed on preserving and maintaining historical landmarks, as well as creating modern spaces where occupants can meet and spend leisure time. Food lovers will find extensive options available with choices from all around the world, from high end to more casual dining.

Situated on about 21.8 square miles, Albany boasts four distinct seasons for its approximately 98,000 residents to enjoy (as of the 2010 census). Snow lovers will adore the annual average of 59.1 inches. There are 60+ parks and recreation areas for city inhabitants to use for recreation and relaxation. Because it is in an ideal location geographically, nationally touring acts and artists stop here often, making it a great place to see arts and entertainment. In 2005 Forbes magazine ranked it third in a list of "The Best Places with the Best Education," and topnotch institutions include the Albany Law School, Albany Medical College, SUNY Albany and the New York State Normal School, among others. The city’s economy is heavily dependent on education, government and health care, keeping it relatively immune to economic recessions affecting the rest of the country. The growth in the high-tech industry in the area has resulted in it being nicknamed Tech Valley. If you’re looking for great nightlife, dining, shopping and the arts, check out downtown’s Center Square. Broadway and Pearl Street are destinations for dining, pub going and the theater. Don’t miss first Fridays, the monthly arts event located in various neighborhoods at which you can get free admission to museums, check out galleries and new art exhibits, live entertainment and more. Browse our listings for homes in Albany and find a place in this great city to call home.