83 Homes For Sale in Alameda, CA

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Alameda, California, has been named by Money Magazine one of the "best places to live" in the country. Although the population is listed at 73,812, this northern California City has a comfortable, friendly, small-town feel. Although the lot sizes are generally small here, houses can be quite charming in neighborhoods that offer quiet, tree-lined streets, some with parks.

People often associate the name of this city with the United States Coast Guard, and indeed, Coast Guard Island is located between Alameda Island and the City of Oakland. It is home to the Integrated Support Command Alameda. The median age of Alameda residents is 40 and the median household income is $74,606. The city’s economic development department encourages businesses to locate here, citing both public demand and the availability of an educated workforce. As is the case in much of California, the cost of real estate is high, but residents feel that the amenities, including the mild year-round temperatures, help compensate for pricey mortgages.

Alameda’s nickname is "The Island City" because it actually occupies two islands. As part of the Bay Area of San Francisco, it is close to outstanding dining and shopping, major league, NFL and NBA action, a vibrant arts scene and a wide variety of attractions to please both adults and children. There are many older but well-maintained homes in Alameda. If, for example, an authentic Craftsman bungalow is your dream home, you might find one available here in a desirable neighborhood. It might be small-two bedrooms and one bath-but it will likely have the wood details and the open floor plan you want. Another consideration might be a 1,640-square-foot townhouse with three bedrooms and a garden patio for $635,000, which is a larger and less expensive property than the bungalow. You will find other homes for sale that are close to shopping centers and within walking distance of a beach. With an eclectic mix of properties on the market, you’re sure to find the kind of home you’ve been looking for in Alameda, California.